Looking To Rent a Moving Truck?

Learn About the Benefits of This Popular Service

You Load, We Drive is exactly what it sounds like. You pack and load a designated container, and a professional driver hauls it for you. It saves you money and labor, and is one of the fastest growing trends in the moving industry.

Is This for You?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I need to save money?
  • Am I capable of loading my own possessions?
  • Would I be comfortable driving a large moving truck?

If you’d like to save money and can load your own belongings, but aren’t comfortable or qualified to drive a large moving truck, than the You Haul We Drive option might be for you.

How It Works

You pack your belongings and load them into a mobile storage pod that is delivered to your home. Because the storage unit is left at your house, you can pack and load it on your own timetable—not the rental company’s. You will be able to use your own padlock on the unit, so only you will have access to your belongings. The rental company will arrive on the scheduled day for pick up, and drive your storage unit to your new location.

The Benefits

The number one benefit is that you will save money by handling the packing and loading yourself. While this will be extra work for you, you will benefit by having complete control of your possessions and the peace of mind that they were packed well and handled with care.

The second great benefit is that you save yourself the stress of having to drive a large truck. Not many drivers feel comfortable driving a large vehicle, and some larger trucks require a special license. By letting a professional driver haul your storage unit, you will be free to drive your own vehicle, or fly, to your new location. When your pod is delivered, you unload it and then call the company to have the unit picked up.

Things to Consider

You Load, We Drive companies are able to keep costs lower by scheduling different customers on one move. Their trucks are generally designed to haul more than one mobile storage unit, which means your pod may be hauled with a pod belonging to another customer. If this will be a problem for you, you may want to look into other options.

Find Movers in Your Area

If you are interested in the You Haul, We Drive service, visit our truck rental page and submit a quote request. We’ll contact you about available companies in your area.