Looking To Rent a Moving Truck?

Why Getting Rental Quotes Will Help You Plan a Stress-free Move

Before you ever pack a box for your move, take the time to compare truck rental companies. You’ll be able to find out what trucks, services, and rates are available, and compare the reputation of different companies to each other. With several quotes from different companies, you’ll be able to get the best deal possible.

Modern technology makes comparing rates between companies fairly easy. A quick Internet search will turn up several truck rental businesses in your area. Within an hour or two you’ll be able to request quotes from several different companies, and have the information you need to secure a truck rental for your needs.

Keeping Your Costs Down

What you pay will largely depend on two factors––how big a truck you need and how long you will need it. Moving truck rentals come in all sizes, from small moving vans to large straight trucks. A rental company should be able to provide a size chart that estimates how much will fit into each size truck they offer. It is probably better to estimate on the large size, but be as accurate as you can so you don’t end up paying for space you don’t need. A helpful guide for truck sizes and what they can store can be found on our Truck Rental page.

Moving Truck Accessories

When you rent a truck, there are also accessories available to help you with your move, such as ramps, straps, moving blankets, two-wheelers, and tows. The rental company may let you use these as part of your truck rental, or you may pay a small fee for their use.

Plan Ahead

Because you will be charged for the amount of time you keep the truck (and you may incur late charges if you return the truck after the scheduled date) you will want to be fully prepared for your move. Have all your packing done before you pick up the moving truck. Place heavier furniture in first so that you can put boxes on top of it. If there are boxes you will need right away when you reach your new destination, pack those last so that you can unload them first. Most of all, be prepared. It will save you time, stress and extra expense.

Free Quotes Fast

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