Looking To Rent a Moving Truck?

When you’re preparing to move, you already have enough on your mind. The last thing you need to worry about is the reliability of your movers or the safety of your possessions. Hiring professional movers is expensive, and the list is long of consumer horror stories—missed arrival dates, late deliveries, damaged goods, etc. Save yourself the stress and rent a moving truck instead.

Advantages of Renting a Moving Truck

With a do-it-yourself rental, you will handle the packing, load the truck, and drive it to your new location. That may seem like a lot of work, but consider the advantages:

  • You will control every aspect of your move
  • You will set your own pick up and delivery dates
  • You ensure that your property will not get lost
  • You will take every possible precaution with your valuable possessions
  • You will save money

The Financial Benefit

When you hire a professional moving company, they may provide the boxes but you will end up doing the packing and unpacking yourself. That’s half the work! If you can handle loading and driving the truck yourself, you can save yourself a lot of money.

Rates for self-moving truck rentals vary, but they are always based on the size of the truck you rent, and how long you will need it. If you need a small truck to move across town, your rate will be lower. However, if you are moving cross-country, and need a large truck for all your possessions, your rate will be much higher. Even with the latter scenario, you will pay much less than if you hire a professional moving company.

Other Considerations

There are many truck rental services available and it’s important to choose the right one. In addition to rates and contract terms, you should also ask about their return policy. If you are moving a long distance, be sure that the rental company has a place for you to drop the truck near your new location, or be prepared to drive it back.

Also, before you rent a truck, do a careful inventory of the possessions you’ll be moving. You want to make sure you have a large enough truck for all your possessions, but you don’t want to pay for a lot of space you don’t use. It’s worthwhile to take the time and determine exactly how much space you will need.

For More Information

Check out the chart below to learn about the different trucks, sizes and options available in self-rental moving trucks. Then contact TruckRental.net. Let us answer your questions, and help you find a rental truck service that meets your needs.

Search for a moving truck by size
that’s Right for you!
Capacity 1-2 rooms 1-2 rooms 3-4 rooms 5-8 rooms
Cubic Feet 309 380 800 1,380
Gross Vehicle
Weight (GVW)
7,200 lbs. 8,600 lbs. 11,500 lbs. 25,500 lbs.
Payload Weight 2,200 lbs. 3,100 lbs. 3,400 lbs. 12,000 lbs.
Clearance 8′ 6″ 9′ 0″ 11′ 6″ 13′ 6″
Interior (Length)
Interior (Width)
Interior (Height)
5′ 0″
4′ 4″
6′ 3″
6′ 0″
15′ 7″
7′ 5″
6′ 5″
7′ 5″
7′ 5″
Rear Door (Height)
Rear Door (Width)
4′ 0″
4′ 6″
5′ 5″
5′ 9″
6′ 5″
7′ 3″
7′ 0″
7′ 3″
Load Ramp Width NA NA 2′ 3″ 2′ 4″
Load Ramps
Air Conditioning
Power Steering
Power Brakes
AM/FM Stereo
No Wheel Wells
Dual Faced Mirrors
Tie Down Slats
Seat Belts / Seats 2 2 2 3
Fuel Tank 35 Gallon 35 Gallon 35 Gallon 55 Gallon
Lift-gate Business use
Business use