Looking To Rent a Moving Truck?

Working with a truck rental company is like working with any company—you need to know the product, understand how the industry works, and use what you learn to get the best deal for you. By doing research ahead of time, you can find the best truck rental deals available.

Understand Your Full Charges

Of course, your first question will be, “How much will this cost me?” There is more to that than you might think. Beyond the base rate that you are offered, you will need to check if you are also charged a mileage fee. If you pay a certain amount per mile above your base rate, your costs will be significantly higher, especially if you are driving a long distance. You will also need to ask about insurance. If you need to pay extra for adequate insurance coverage, you will need to figure that into your total price. And, as always, there will be taxes. All of this will add to your total costs, so you need to clarify with the renter what your exact charges will be.

Other Factors to Consider

Naturally, you will want the best deal possible, and what you will have to pay is paramount. But it’s not the only factor to consider. You should consider the stability and reliability of the company you work with. Is this a new company, or do they have an established presence in your community?

Take the time to do a little research on the company’s reputation. If you search online, what media or consumer reports do you find about them? What do former customers say? You should always be able to talk to a representative of the company directly, and if you don’t get answers to all your questions, keep looking.

If you’ve moved before, you know that the best-laid plans often go array. Last minute adjustments are common, so read your policy contract carefully. Check to see what their policy is on cancellations or changes, and know what penalties might be enforced if you need to alter the contract in any way.

What Type of Truck Will You Need

When renting a truck, van or trailer, your first concern will be to get the right size. Once you’ve determined the size of truck you will need, you’ll need to check on the reliability of the vehicle you’ll be renting. Ask the rental company about the age of their fleet—do they have older trucks or newer models. Ask about their reliability, their service record, and what resources are offered to you if the truck breaks down. Will the company send a new truck? Pay for the tow? Help you reload cargo?

You can ask to test drive a rental before you sign the contract. That way you can make sure the vehicle runs well and that you are comfortable driving it. Your other concern might be to ask what options come with the trucks. If you are driving through hot climates, for example, you’ll want to be sure the truck comes with a working air conditioner. You’ll also want to be sure the truck’s general appearance is clean and professional looking.

TruckRental.net Can Help

If you’re ready to start comparing truck rentals for your move, we’re ready to help. Visit our truck rental page, and send us a free quote request. We’ll review your information and call you with rental companies available in your area.