Looking To Rent a Moving Truck?

Moving day is fast approaching and you wonder how you are going to get your belongings to the new home? Well if you have not hired a moving company to complete the task, then you need to find a moving truck rental. Many factors will affect your decision to choose a truck rental agency but at the same time, you will want a budget truck rental.

Some of the factors that you may consider when choosing a moving truck rental include:

The Size of the Moving Truck

This is an especially important step, a moving truck rental that is too big will cause your belongings to move around the vehicle while your driving which can cause considerable damage. On the other hand, a truck rental that is too small will limit how much you can carry and possibly require more than one trip. Several trips is okay if you are moving within the city limits but anything longer than about a thirty minute drive and a small truck rental would be a nuisance.

To determine the correct size of moving truck, ask for recommendations from a couple different truck rental agencies. They may even try to help you when you call for your quote or estimate of the truck rental. If you are not sure, the bigger moving truck is a better bet so you can at least fit all your belongings into it and complete the move in one trip.

If the moving truck is a little bigger than necessary, make sure your belongings are not packed too high in order to avoid them from crashing to the bottom of the truck during the drive. Also, make sure the items are covered with moving pads and made as secure as possible. Do not assume that because the drive is a short distance, your belongings will be okay. One sharp turn with the moving vehicle and some boxes may topple over and damage their contents or anything it might hit.

How Many Days Truck Rental Required

When reserving the moving truck rental, you will need to book for a specific time period. Plan ahead and know how long it will take you to pack the truck, drive to the new location, unpack the truck and return it to the rental agency.

One-way or Two-way Moving Rental


If you are moving within a city or to another city close by, it will be best to return the moving truck rental to the location from where you picked it up. For the sake of a little extra time on your part, it will be less expensive than hiring a one way truck rental and leaving the truck rental at another location than where you picked it up.

In the case of a long haul move or one across the country, a one way truck rental may be your best option. Be sure to inquire about added costs before signing your truck rental agreement and make sure the details are part of the agreement so to avoid any uncomfortable misunderstandings.

Rent Dollies, Pads and Boxes from Moving Truck Agency

In order to keep things simple and organized, if you require boxes and packing supplies, try to rent or buy them from the moving truck rental location to save you time. In addition, inquire about renting dollies and carts to ease the load and make it safer for you to carry your belongings.

You should consider renting moving pads or furniture covers from the truck rental company so that you can pack your belongings in a secure manner. These pads are similar to large thick blankets and will protect furniture from being scratched and hold items in place in the moving truck.

Get Estimates and Compare Before Making a Reservation

When preparing your move, call around or look online and get quotes for the moving truck rental well in advance. Try to get at least three or four quotes before comparing them, each one may be priced differently and you need time to determine the actual total cost of each truck rental service. Add up the prices of all the extras as well as the truck rental itself before comparing which company offer’s the best deal for you. Once you have decided which truck rental agency to use, decide how long you will need to rent a truck and make a reservation in advance.

Additional Tools or Equipment

List of all your belongings you will be moving with you, so that you can let the truck rental agency know. The rental company may rent out specialized tools and equipment for the sole purpose of moving a particularly large or bulky item. It will save you the time and effort of hauling items that are difficult to carry while using proper tools and equipment to avoid any potential damage.

Since the truck rental agency may have a limited supply of the tools, book these items in advance with your reservation to ensure availability on your moving day. Do not assume that the tools will available from the company when you need them especially during the moving season.

Have Your Documents in Order

On the day that you will pick up the moving truck , review all your personal documentation and ensure that nothing is amiss. Do this before you arrive at the truck rental location so that your rental is processed smoothly and quickly.

Any documents that are not in order such as an expired credit card or insurance that is not valid will hamper your efforts to use the truck rental services. Remember that the person processing your order will have the last say in your truck rental.

Are You Permitted to Drive the Truck

This point seems somewhat obvious but it amazing how many people think that because they have a general driver’s license, they can drive a moving truck just as easily. These trucks are large vehicles and are very different than driving a car or a little pickup truck. Be sure that you are capable of driving the moving vehicle before you go out on the road.

Although most truck rental agencies will permit you to drive a truck as long as you possess a valid driver’s license, some of the bigger truck rental companies may require special licensing. Inquire when you request your quote so that you know in advance if you are permitted to drive the truck rental with your general license.

Towing Bars for Boats, Cars and Other Vehicles

Before you call for your estimate and reserve your moving truck rental, list all items that are out of the ordinary. For example, if you have a boat and trailer, you may require a towing bar to pull them behind the moving truck. If you have a motorcycle or snowmobile, or any other large items that will not fit into the moving truck, you may require an extra trailer from the truck rental agency.

Weigh Stations or Government Inspection Stations

When using larger moving trucks, you may be required to stop at weigh stations along the way. There also may be government inspection stations when crossing state lines. Ask the moving truck rental agency for the legal requirements as they relate to your specific vehicle. Also, if possible, obtain a map of weigh stations in advance. You must comply with all the same rules on the road to which a moving company would adhere if they were contracted to move your belongings.

Proof of Ownership, Registration and Insurance

Before you leave the truck rental agency lot, be sure to ask where the ownership, registration and insurance for the moving truck are kept. Insure that you have all documentation for the vehicle in case of an accident or in the event that you are pulled over by the police for another reason.

To summarize, with any move, planning ahead and be organized is key. Especially when using a moving truck rental service, when calculating your needs properly such as the truck size and any additional tools you might require. Your moving process will generally go a lot smoother when you plan ahead and are properly organized, you will then be less likely to have to deal with any unwanted mishaps during the stressful day of the move.