Looking To Rent a Moving Truck?

If you’re moving from one home to another, you will likely require more than a moving truck. Motorcycles, hot tubs, and cars—among other things—may need to be hauled on a trailer behind your moving truck, or your personal vehicle.

You may also need a trailer rental for many other reasons—including hauling small loads, towing cars, or picking up large appliances. We’ve prepared this guide to help make you aware of all your options. So when you go to rent, you’ll know exactly what to ask for.

Uses for Renting a Trailer

Trailers can be pulled behind a rented truck, or pulled behind your own vehicle. They can be rented for home moving, or for weekend projects that require hauling lots of supplies. Both multiple day rates and hourly rates should be available. Reasons why you may need a trailer include:

  • For extra large moving loads, when a moving truck is not enough.
  • For small moving loads.
  • To load and move a hot tub or spa.
  • To move motorcycles or cars. Make sure you have the proper equipment to secure each.
  • For weekend home-improvement or gardening projects that require hauling materials or rented equipment.
  • To haul large appliances such as refrigerators or washers/dryers.
  • For trips or vacations where the trunk of your car is not enough to pack everything you need (think kayaking or snowmobiling).

A Guide to Budget Truck Rental Options

Just as there are many different reasons to rent a trailer, there are many different specialty trailers that cater to those needs:

  • Spa dolly—for hauling hot tubs. If you need this type of trailer, ask your rental company if they have a spa wedge available. This helps you position the hot tub on the trailer without dropping it.
  • Open Trailers—perfect for those weekend projects. Load your supplies and cover with a tarpaulin and straps.
  • Van Trailers—these enclosed trailers that can be a lifesaver when all your belongings don’t fit in the moving truck. Many times these come with padded sides to help protect your furniture during the move.
  • Sport Trailers—Made to be water-resistant and aerodynamic, these trailers are great for campers and outdoorsmen who need to haul bikes, kayaks or other outdoor gear.
  • Vehicle Trailers—Haul your second vehicle—or collectible car—on a trailer designed for the job. Save yourself the mileage, wear and tear, and the hassle of getting your extra vehicle to your new home.
  • Recreational Vehicle Trailers—Designed for dirt bikes, motorbikes, ATVs, snowmobiles and jet skies. Keep them secure during the trip, but easy to get to once you get there.

Questions You Should Ask

Even with all the specialty trailers available, it’s important to ask the right questions when talking to trailer rental companies. The following guide will help ensure you get the trailer you need.

  • How much does the trailer weigh?
  • How much weight can the trailer hold?
  • How much square footage (or cubic space) is available?
  • What types of items are recommended for this trailer?
  • What kind of vehicle do you need to tow the trailer?
  • Will the rental company provide the tow bar or trailer hitch?
  • If necessary, will the rental company attach the tow or trailer hitch for you?
  • If you need a vehicle trailer, what style is available: Flatbed? Dolly with tow bar?.
  • What is the suggested speed limit for towing the trailer?
  • If you have problems on the road, is roadside assistance provided?
  • Will your regular vehicle insurance cover the rental trailer, or do you need to purchase extra insurance?

Additional Advice

If you know you will need both a moving truck and a trailer, try to rent both items together in order to achieve a better deal. Whenever possible, rent the trailer designed specifically for your needs. Be sure to secure and protect all items to prevent damage, and cover with a tarpaulin for extra protection. When hauling the trailer, remember to account for the extra length behind you when turning or parking. Be careful of making sharp turns with the trailer to avoid jack-knifing. Also, remember that the extra weight behind you will make stopping more difficult, and you should allow for that fact when approaching stoplights or signs.

Let Us Help

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