Looking To Rent a Moving Truck?

When you have finished packing up all of your belongings, you then have to figure out what’s the best way to place them onto the moving vehicle. The bigger your vehicle the tougher the task can be, you want to avoid any kind of damage that might be caused to any of your things due to poor arranging inside the moving truck.

Accordingly, we have compiled a list of tips to help you get your moving truck rental packed more efficiently. The key is to try to think in advance and plan out the positioning of items inside the truck.

Pack tightly but not cramped against one another

The idea is to pack everything as tight as possible in the truck rental so the items stay in place and not shift, but not too tight that the items are crushed and the contents broken. It is important not to jam everything together to make it fit. Packing the moving truck is like a puzzle. Things need to fit naturally and not forcefully. If there are gaps and spaces between the items, use pads and blankets to stop the items and boxes from moving around in the truck.

Put the biggest and heaviest things in first

The heaviest and biggest items should be loaded on the moving truck before the the appliances and mattresses. By placing the biggest items on the vehicle first, you are more likely to be able to fit all your belongings. Waiting until the end to load the larger thing, you might find there isn’t enough room. Another reason for packing the heaviest items as close to the front of the truck as possible is so that the weight at the back does not cause the truck to drag. The back end will be over-weight, hanging low and too close to the ground causing it to hit the road on uneven surfaces.

Rent the proper size truck

If you accidentally rent a truck that is too big, be sure not to pile your boxes too high. Without anything to brace or support the height, the boxes will just topple to the floor of the truck in the open area and possibly damaging the contents of the boxes.

Cover furniture with moving pads or blankets

Cover all furniture with some sort of protection. Whether it is your own sheets and blankets or moving pads from the truck rental company, renting moving pads is a good investment to prevent scratches and marks on furniture. In addition, when loading boxes on top of items that are upholstered such as the sofa and chairs, it would be wise to cover the fabric in order to protect it from stains and also to absorb the weight of the boxes. Be careful not to load boxes that are too heavy onto sofas or other soft surfaces, as the corners of the boxes will poke through the fabric and might damage the upholstery.

When packing Your Belongings

Remember to pack a box or suitcase of necessities Before closing and locking up the moving truck, remember three vital items – a tool kit, a bag of personal items and a box of cleaning supplies. Carry the tool case at the back of the moving truck so it is ready to be retrieved when the door is opened so that you can assemble things as they are moved into the house. Also, keep an overnight bag or suitcase near the truck rental door so that you do not have to search for necessities when you require a change of clothes or a shower. In the event that the truck drive is more than one day, you will want your personal items handy. Last but not least, keep a box with the cleaning supplies at the back of the truck rental so that you can wipe your belongings down as they go into the house and and so you are able to clean the rooms themselves before setting up your new home.

Stacked boxes should be similar size and weight

When you are collecting empty boxes and cartons to pack the contents of your home, try to stick with boxes that are the same or similar in size and construction. This will come in handy when loading the moving truck, you will have an easier time packing boxes of similar size and weight together in the truck. It may seem like common sense but loading heavy boxes on top of lighter boxes will only result in a box of damaged contents. Avoid stacking the heavier boxes high, this can be risky and even dangerous when you unload the moving truck, bringing down heavy items will strain the neck and back and there is a risk the heavy boxes will fall on you.

Dressers and desks should be loaded against a wall to prevent the drawers from opening

Any pieces of furniture with drawers such as dressers, desks and cabinets should be placed against the mattresses on the side of the truck. Face the drawers toward the mattress so that if the drawers try to slide out, the mattress can protect them from being damaged while the moving vehicle is in motion. Be sure to wrap the legs of desks, dressers, chairs and tables to avoid scratching while in the moving truck rental.

Use the space above the cab for fragile items

If the moving truck rental has a little cubby space above the truck rental cab, use it for fragile items and things such as computers, stereo components and small portable TVs. Once the rest of the truck rental is loaded, the items will stay safely placed.

Position the washer and dryer on the opposite side of the refrigerator

The fridge, washer and dryer will most likely be the heaviest items in the moving truck rental. These appliances should be placed in the truck first and moved all the way to the front of the moving truck rental closest to the cab. Place the fridge on the opposite side to the washer and dryer. This will keep the weight more evenly distributed in the moving truck. Also, since the appliances are placed in first, they are less likely to shift because everything else will hold them in place. Before placing boxes and other items on top of the appliances and along side them, use moving pads from the truck rental company to protect the exteriors from scratches and dents.

Use mattresses to absorb and protect your furniture

Place mattresses against the wall to absorb and protect furniture. They will act as buffers between the wall and your belongings. Use the tie-downs to hold the mattresses in place. Before driving the moving vehicle out of the rental lot, ask the truck rental attendant if there are any ties in the truck and also how to use them. Most trucks have spots on which to tie items to hold them in place.

These ten points should help you pack your moving truck rental in a more efficient manner resulting in less damage and less stress for you. If your home is particularly large, you may want to draw a schematic beforehand of the inside of the truck rental so that you have an idea of where to pack all your belongings.