Looking To Rent a Moving Truck?

If you have ever had to move, you know that deciding between a professional moving company and a truck rental company can be overwhelming. Although, many factors are involved, many people still base their final decision predominantly on cost. If they don’t have the money to hire a professional moving company, then the other truck rental factors may not make a difference.

Indeed, the sad truth is that many people do not take the entire truck rental expenses into consideration, and it can be more expensive than they might anticipate. This article’s purpose to help you understand the different expenses involved in renting a moving truck. Hopefully by understanding the costs involved, the individuals will be able to calculate the total payment properly and can keep their truck rental costs down.

When you receive a quote from the professional moving company, one that packs, loads the truck, drives the truck and unpacks at the destination, the truck rental quote usually includes everything. It includes all the services, the boxes and cartons, the packing tissue, the weight charges or cubic space rates, the fuel and oil, as well as the labor costs associated with the move.

By contrast, when using a truck rental, you must factor in everything down to tape, boxes, gas, insurance and the list goes on. It is most likely still cheaper to use a truck rental but all costs should be tallied.

Some of the expenses that are commonly missed when deciding between a truck rental and a moving company are:

Extra supplies

Professional moving companies, who have been estimating household moves for a number of years and have an excellent track record, will be able to closely estimate the number of boxes, cartons and wardrobes required for the move after having perused the home. Individuals, on the other hand, have little concept of sizing and most likely will require more truck rental boxes than anticipated.

Returning vehicle at wrong time

Many people erroneously assume that as long as they are paying for the truck rental, it may be returned anytime. While this is true in one respect – that you can buy anything – it is not true when tallying truck rental expenses. Neglecting to return the truck rental vehicle on time when it is booked out for another client may result in expensive penalties. Do not let the costs of the truck rental jump up out of budget.

Booking truck rental in prime season or peak times

Try to plan the move if possible around the truck rental schedule to benefit from discounts.

Per mileage costs

Understand the gas and mileage costs and factor the costs into the total truck rental equation.

Probably the biggest expense in a truck rental is the labor charge. But then again taking time off work is expensive, too. But if you can arrange your schedule so that you do the packing in advance, finishing a few boxes per night and actually moving on your day off, you can save considerably on the truck rental labor charges of a full moving team.