Looking To Rent a Moving Truck?

When renting a truck for moving, most truck rental agencies offer tools, equipment and supplies to make the move easier and at times less strain on your body. Always inquire when you request your budget truck rental quote. Also, let the truck rental agency know about any specialty items that you need to move and the
moving truck rental employee may offer suggestions to make it easier or offer tools that the truck rental business rents.

Specialty padlocks

are recommended for storage units and the back of a moving truck rental van. The shaft on the lock is short to prevent entry by cutting the lock with bolt cutters. The locks are normally sold by the truck rental agency as opposed to rented but generally are a good investment. They seem a bit expensive at first glance compared to regular padlocks but if you are looking for added security to your moving truck rental, these locks will decrease the likelihood of someone breaking into your unit or truck rental.

Also, many believe that if the unit is inside a building on the truck rental lot, that it is safer than outside units. Sometimes, this is not true and even the budget truck rental company warns you that it is not responsible for loss or theft. People roam the storage area of the truck rental building all hours of the day and the stationary locks on the truck rental storage unit provide little security. Adding a specialized lock will help deter thieves in the budget truck rental agency’s storage areas.

If you need to leave you truck rental parked on the street or away from your building in a parking lot overnight, then you will want a lock on the backdoor of the truck rental that deters the potential thief. Fifty dollars is a small investment to pay to the truck rental agency to keep your belongings safe.


is to be used when you do not want to drive your car as well as the moving truck rental to the new home. Gas is expensive enough for the truck rental let alone the car too. The dolly is pulled behind the truck rental vehicle and it pulls the front of the car up so the front wheels do not touch the road.

Car Dolly

is a hitch that is attached to the back of the moving truck
which allows you to tow another vehicle. Most car dollies support one end of the vehicle while pulling the vehicle behind.

Car Carrier

is really a flat bed trailer pulled behind the truck rental. The whole car sits atop the carrier.

Auto Tie-Down Nets

are straps to cover the wheels of vehicles to prevent the wheel from moving when on a truck rental car carrier or inside a moving truck rental container being moved overseas.

Tarp Straps or Bungee Cords

truck rental agencies will sell tarp straps for pickup truck rentals to properly hold the tarp in place and also bungee cords for holding items in the back of the budget truck rental.

Hand Trucks or Dollies

are needed in order to save the wear and tear on your body when packing the moving truck rental vehicle. Packing the truck rental vehicle is a big job and can be made easier and less time consuming by using the hand trucks provided by the truck rental agency. Most likely, you will need to rent the dollies from the
truck rental company, but your back will thank you.

Lifting Slings

can be made of nylon, chain or wire. Request these items from the commercial division of the moving truck rental agency especially when you have heavy boxes to carry.

Ratchet Straps

are specialty strapping that lock in place to make the strap the correct size required. For example, you have a heavy box or appliance and you need to move it with a dolly. There is a chance the item may fall over and off the dolly. Using ratchet straps from the moving truck rental, you can place the strap around the item and the dolly and lock the strap into place keeping the item secure and preventing it from shifting weight and causing you to lose your balance and fall. Ask the budget truck rental about ratchet straps when you reserve your rental truck.

Appliance Rollers

may be much cheaper from department stores but if you require an easier way to move the fridge and stove, they may be available at the truck rental agency.

Door Jam Protector

As the name implies, it stops the door jams from being scratched or dented when moving wide items. It is probably easier to purchase door jam protectors at the truck rental store as opposed to regular stores.

Furniture Pads

are useful in protecting your belongings from scratches while loading the moving truck rental and transporting the goods in the budget truck rental. The pads also help to keep the items in place and prevent the belongings from shifting when the truck rental turns. Another use for the furniture pads is moving your furniture into the moving truck rental. Place your furniture on top of the pad and grab the pad’s edges in your hands so you can slide the furniture into position on the moving truck rental. This will prevent the furniture from getting caught on the bottom of the truck rental and damaging the furniture.

Forklifts and Skids

Companies who require truck rental services to move stock from one warehouse to another should speak to the commercial division of the truck rental agency. If the company does not own or have access to forklifts and skids or pallets, the truck rental agency may be able to rent the company proper moving equipment. The load will move that much faster with all the stock boxes loaded onto pallets and then moved into the moving truck rental by forklifts or pump trucks.

Forklift Moving Straps

take the pressure of your back when unloading up to 500 pound crates and boxes from your moving truck rental.


are a must for the back of the budget truck rental. Depending on how low the truck rental is, you will need a minimum of two people to get the goods into the truck rental vehicle. If the budget truck rental van is too high, one person will stay inside and the other one will hand up the boxes to the person inside the moving truck rental. This is not only dangerous for a person’s body but may cause expensive damage to the goods. Also, make sure the ramp for the truck rental is not too steep as to send you and the boxes crashing to the ground. Lastly, the ramp to the moving truck rental should be wide and thick. The skinnier it is across, the easier it will be to topple over and create an accident. It should be thick enough to hold substantial weight.

Tape Dispenser

Although, the truck rental agency sells tape dispensers and tape, it is usually cheaper to buy at the dollar store or even in bulk from the office supply store. But if you are caught last minute without and need the tape immediately, you know you can buy it at most truck rental agencies.

Boxes, Wardrobes, Cartons

Should you run out of packing boxes or want the proper boxes to pack certain items, you may purchase or rent boxes from the budget truck rental agency.

Whether moving your own possessions with a moving truck rental or working for a company, it is important to ensure that safe handling of the items is evident. To do that, use proper equipment and tools supplied by the moving truck rental company. Depend on the truck rental agency and use the expertise of the truck rental employee by asking questions and inquiring about the added products the budget truck rental business sells or rents.