Looking To Rent a Moving Truck?

Many people such as landscapers, contractors, plumbers and electricians require trucks to run their businesses. They need to carry their equipment and possibly other people such as helpers and employees to their customers’ homes and businesses. When a small business owner is starting out, however, he may not have the financial abilities to buy or long-term lease a truck. Therefore, a truck rental would be perfect for start up companies.

Whatever your purpose for a budget truck rental, there are certainly many options available for the small business owner or freelancer. Examples of people who use budget truck rental services are:

  • delivery people who only work one day per week carrying community newspapers
  • delivery people who run deliveries for other businesses
  • new businesses starting out
  • companies moving the office or business to another location or
  • someone who does not have sufficient available cash to purchase a truck

And, there are several reasons, a handyman or small business contractor should use a moving rental truck:

Tax Benefits

An obvious reason for using a moving rental truck in the course of a daily business is the tax benefits that would be afforded to the business. The business owner may write off his truck rental expense and any other expenses such as gas and paid parking that would be incurred while using a
moving truck rental.

Cheap Solution to Buying a Truck

For someone starting a business, a truck rental would be a lot cheaper than purchasing a truck and having the company go bankrupt. It is commonplace for many businesses to fail and a truck purchase would be a heavy investment in something that may not be. On the other hand, a budget truck rental would be a cheap solution to testing out the waters of a new venture.

The business owner could hire the truck rental for a full month at a time to determine whether he is able to continue his business or conversely, he could just book the budget truck rental on the days when he has specific jobs for customers. Once he knows that the business is viable, he would be in a position to save money for purchasing a truck and then dismiss the truck rental services.

Do Not Qualify for Cheap Insurance

Insurance is a problem for many people. Young, less inexperienced drivers may qualify for insurance but the premiums are so prohibitive that they cannot get going to start their business. A truck rental service would be perfect for people in this category. As long as they do not have outstanding issues on their record and they hold a valid driver’s license, they would be able to use the truck rental service as an interim solution.

Also, if a freelancer owns a truck outright, he will need to keep insurance on it 24/7. With a budget truck rental, he is only paying for insurance when he is in possession of the truck rental vehicle.

Insurance for More Then One Person

Often a small business owner may hire a helper or short term employee while completing a large project He may not wish to take out long term driving insurance and would rather add the helper to the insurance policy that comes with the budget truck rental.

Likewise if the helper is a temporary employee for a specific job, it might not make sense to set up and pay for insurance just to terminate the policy a week or two later. Insurance policies are quite simple with budget truck rental agencies.

Discounts for Longer Terms

Assuming a business requires a truck rental for a longer period of time, the business owner may be able to negotiate a substantial discount for long term truck rental. This would prove advantageous if he had several projects to complete and he would be able to incorporate the cost of the budget truck rental into the quotes of the jobs.

The truck rental location may have a commercial sales expert on staff who solely services businesses with special needs and assists them in fulfilling their requirements. The truck rental expert may also offer discounts for return commercial customers. A business owner may contract the truck rental agency several times per year making him a regular client of the budget truck rental location.

Temporary Solution While Company Truck Being Maintained

Loss of income is a real possibility when a business leaves its truck in the garage for servicing. The truck, like the tools and equipment, becomes the life-blood of a contractor’s business so the easiest solution to keeping the business moving forward is using a truck rental service. The business owner can quickly minimize downtime by using a budget truck rental.

In fact, if he is able to schedule his own truck for servicing and book the truck rental in advance, he may be able to take advantage of discount pricing and any promotional offers that may be available from the budget truck rental location.

Low Overhead – Low Risk

Using a budget truck rental in the beginning of a business start-up limits the freelancer’s risk by not tying him down to monthly vehicle payments and insurance premiums. He can get rid of the truck rental rather quickly leaving him the flexibility to shut the business down if necessary.

Seasonal Business

For some businesses, especially in areas where they experience winter and summer, the business may be seasonal in nature. The business owner may calculate the difference in owning a truck for the whole year and using a budget truck rental during his peaks times.

In fact, it may be cheaper in the long run to use the truck rental as opposed to making payments on a truck that is not paying for itself on a regular basis. The budget truck rental frees up available cash during slow periods that can then be used for other purposes rather than wasted on an idle asset.

Bigger Project and Larger Equipment

A bigger project which requires the use of more equipment or larger equipment than normal may warrant a moving truck rental. Since truck rentals come in many sizes and shapes, a business is sure to find a truck rental that matches its needs. The project may not be a run of the mill project and the regular company truck may not be satisfactory for the purpose that is required. A moving truck rental would save the business owner a lot of aggravation and would help him to avoid losing the contract.

Many Types of Truck Rental Vehicles Available

Some moving truck rental locations specialize in
commercial truck rental. They stock or have available all types of vehicles including:

  • Pickup trucks

    If you do not need a roof over the load you are carrying, pickup truck rentals can be a perfect solution to budget truck rental as you may not need one of the bigger moving type trucks. You can also find pickup trucks with the added cab for extra seating.

  • Cargo vans

    These vans come in the regular half-ton or one-ton size to haul and are easier to load than a big moving truck rental. For smaller loads, these types of vans are perfect by keeping the goods in place from shifting all over the back of the van. These types of vans are great for delivery services. Whether it is mail, magazines, newspapers of flowers, these vans allow you to park easily and store your deliveries safely, thus rendering them a popular budget truck rental.

  • Cube vans

    For larger loads and big equipment or heavy furniture, the truck rental of a cube van works nicely.

  • Longer trucks

    Come in 16, 22, 26 foot lengths for bigger jobs.

  • Moving Van

    Usually the length of a transport truck and may require special licensing to drive. The business owner should inquire if the moving truck rental agency allows these moving vans to be rented or if the truck rental agency must provide the driver.