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Moving Your Appliances Is Tough, but These Tips Will Make It Easy!

  • 2012-02-01 15:36:31

There is one thing that just about everyone owns, appliances. You may not ever think about it, but you most likely have a refrigerator, a dishwasher, a washing machine, and a clothes drier. When it comes to moving, these can be some of the most difficult things to get into a moving truck. They are large and bulky, and most of them weigh a lot. How in the world are you going to get your appliances out of your house or apartment, into the moving truck, and in your new house? It can be a challenge, but luckily there are some tools that will make moving your appliances so much easier.

Get the right tool for the job!

There is one tool that will make moving, loading and unloading your appliances so much easier. It is called an appliance dolly. If you can put a set of wheels under your appliances, then moving them would be simple. That is what an appliance dolly will do for you. It is like putting a set of wheels under your appliances. They are simple to use, and a great time saver. Appliance dollies also have straps for securing the appliance to the dolly. Once you get the dolly under the appliance, wrap the straps around the appliance, tighten them down, and you are ready to move.

Ramp or lift gate?

One other very important thing to consider. Does your moving truck have a ramp of a lift gate. You will need at least one of these, but not both. The ramp makes it easy to get in and out of the moving truck, but it can be a challenge moving heavy appliances up and down the ramp. That is where a lift gate comes in handy. With a lift gate, all you need to do is get the appliance to the lift gate, and the lift gate will do all of the work. Just make sure that the appliance is securely on the lift gate before you try to lift it into the air.

Moving your refrigerator

Everyone has a refrigerator, but most people never move them. If you are moving your refrigerator, here are some tips that will make moving it so much easier. The first thing to do is empty the refrigerator. Take out all the shelves and secure any inside doors and drawers. While you are at it, you may want to clean the inside of the refrigerator. If your refrigerator has an ice and a water dispenser, make sure that you disconnect the water lines before you attempt to move the refrigerator. Now the refrigerator is almost ready to go. The last thing that you need to do is secure the doors. Once the doors are secured, it is time to get the appliance dolly underneath the fridge, and the fridge inside the moving truck. Once you get the refrigerator inside your moving truck, make sure that you use one of the included straps to secure it inside the truck.

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