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Driving Advice - When Renting a Moving Truck

  • 2012-01-24 11:33:27

Driving a moving truck is quite an interesting experience. If you have only driven small cars your entire life then getting behind the wheel of a moving truck can be a huge change. The first thing you will notice is the difference in height. From the driving seat of a moving truck you are practically on top of the world. You can easily see everything that is on your path. This height advantage, and the large size of the truck can make you feel invincible, but of course you are not. There are some things to take into consideration when you are driving your moving truck.

You need more power

Once the moving truck is packed full, it will require a lot of power to get it going. It is not like your car where you can go from 0-60 in just a few seconds. A fully loaded moving truck can take a lot longer to get up to speed. If you are in a hilly area, it can take even longer to climb a hill, but remember what goes up must also come down.

You need more power to stop too

A fully loaded moving truck will require a lot more space to come to a complete stop. Don’t tailgate anyone while driving a moving truck. It can easily take twice as long to stop. It is dangerous, and irresponsible to do this. Coming down hills can also become somewhat of a challenge. You would think that driving down a hill would be super easy, but with all of that weight in the truck, and all of the momentum of coming down the hill, you are going to need some serious stopping power. Most moving trucks are equipped with power brakes that can handle stopping on regular inclines, but some steep hills can be deadly. If you are driving in a hilly area, take caution and obey all of the road signs.

Bigger means wider

The sheer volume of the moving truck is so much more than that of an ordinary passenger vehicle. The moving truck will require you to make much wider turns. If you take a turn like you would regularly, you are going to jump the curb and take out anything that is in your path. Give yourself plenty of distance, and make extra wide turns to avoid any unwanted collisions.

How tall is your truck

The internet is loaded with home videos of moving trucks going under overpasses or bridges that were too short. These videos might be fun to watch, but they are not fun when you get stuck with the repair bill from the moving truck company, or the city. Make sure that you know at all times how much vertical clearance you have with your moving truck. Most of them will have a warning sticker that is big and bold telling you how much clearance the truck has. Ignore this number, and you may wind up being the next funny moving truck video on the internet.

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