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Moving With Roommates Is Easy

  • 2012-04-16 13:30:56

Moving With Roommates Is Easy

Moving is hard enough on its own. Throw in some roommates and moving becomes even more of a challenge, but only if you are unorganized. How in the world can you get everyone to agree on the same thing. Moving into your own place is a great feeling, but it can be difficult to cover all of the costs associated with living in a new place. The quickest and easiest solution to this all too common dilemma, is to have one or more roommates.

Having roommates will allow you to split all of the bills, and it will also allow your split all of the home maintenance. It can be a great feeling not having to deal with 100% of all of the responsibilities. Roommates can help keep the costs of living and moving down, but they can also become a headache all their own. You could be living with a complete stranger, or you could be living with someone that you have known your whole entire life, but when you start sharing living space with someone, friendships can quickly change. Here are some tips that will make moving with roommates a rather simple task.

From the very beginning make sure that you can establish a set of basic ground rules that everyone must follow. Who is going to handle what expenses? If you are moving with roommates you have the advantage of several pairs of hands to help with the move. You will not need to hire a moving company to help you move, but you will need to rent a moving truck. Who is going to be responsible for this? These are the things that you need to think about before you actually move.

One person should be responsible for renting the moving truck, but everyone can help pay for the cost of the rental. The person that actually rents the moving truck must be extra careful of everyone else that is involved with the move. That moving truck is in their name, and they will be 100% responsible for any problems with the moving truck when it gets returned.

Who is going to be responsible for organizing the move? Who is going to be responsible for organizing all of the packing? These are all things that should be determined way before the move happens. You should be working as a team, and every successful team will require good management. A team will need guidance. Which person is going to be the one to guide the team? This decision can usually lead to arguments because it deals with power, but whoever gets the job must have a good head on their shoulders in order to steer the team in the right direction.

By working together, you and your roommates will be able to accomplish so much more in such a shorter period of time. Just remember, there is no ā€œIā€ in team. It will take the combined skills and everyone must agree on everything in order for the move to be successful.

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