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Moving Truck Safety Should Always Be Taken Very Seriously

  • 2012-08-09 13:32:07


Renting a moving truck is a really easy thing to do, but most people don’t realize that a moving truck is a much larger vehicle. It can be a little challenging at first, but as long as some basic precautions are used, there should never be any problems at all. Truckrental.net is here to remind everyone to always observe safety first.

Don’t ignore the heat

The hot Summer months are upon us, and the back of a moving truck can quickly become a death trap if you are not careful. Never ever leave any living creature in the back of a moving truck for any extended period of time. It does not take long for heat to kill.

Recently a man left his dog in the back of a moving truck for a little over an hour. Sadly the dog was killed from the heat. The back of the moving truck has no ventilation and the temperatures can quickly reach well over 150 degrees. Don’t make this mistake.

Pay attention to the size of your moving truck

Moving trucks are much larger than cars, and they are also much taller too. There are countless funny videos of people driving moving trucks underneath low trees and overpasses on YouTube. These videos may seem like a good source of entertainment, but it would not be funny if this happened to you. You could be hurt, innocent people could be hurt, and you will be held responsible for the damage that has been done to the moving truck. Moving is stressful enough as it is. There is no sense in making matters even worse.

Just recently a man phoned local police to inform them that he had been hit by a rental truck. He was still holding on for his life while he made the phone call. Luckily he only suffered some minor cuts and bruises, but this type of carelessness can cost someone their life.

Know your blind spots

Some rental trucks will have a rear view camera that will let you see everything that is behind the moving truck. Others may only have mirrors. It is very important to always know what is behind you, and what is located in your blind spots at all times. This is one tip that can save lives. Pay attention to your blind spots and don’t change lanes unless you are 100% certain that there is not another vehicle in the way.

Always use the parking brake

There are many nightmarish stories about moving trucks rolling down hills, out of driveways, and into buildings. All of these horror stories could have very easily been avoided if the driver had made good use of the parking brake. It only takes a second to engage the parking brake. It can take a few minutes for the rolling truck to come to a complete stop after it has plowed through a few houses.

Safety should always be the first thing anyone thinks about when they decide to rent a moving truck.

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