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Is There Really Such A Thing As Green Moving?

  • 2012-03-09 13:20:43


People are becoming much more aware of the environment, and how the things they do on a daily basis affect it. Moving is no different. There are many aspects of moving that may have a harmful impact on the Earth, but things are changing. Moving trucks are becoming more fuel efficient, and they are producing less harmful emissions. There are other things that people can do to make their move more environmentally friendly. Keep reading to find out what you can do during your move to help reduce environmental hazards.

Do you really need that many boxes

Boxes are made from paper, and we all know that paper comes from trees. Using too many boxes can have a negative affect on the trees. There may be some cases where you can pack your things in plastic bags. Common everyday clothing can be packed in bags. That can help reduce the number of moving boxes that you need, and the plastic bags are much cheaper anyways. You can always use the plastic bags when you are done moving.

You can also purchase some plastic storage containers for moving. These containers are available at every single department store on the planet. They may cost more than boxes, but they are not made from trees, and you can use them for storage when you are done with the move. This is a win, win situation.

Buy recycled items

If you are going to be buying a lot of moving boxes, try to make sure that you are buying recycled boxes. They are easier on the environment. They will not cost you any more money than regular boxes, and most moving boxes are made from recycled materials anyways. There should be a clear stamp on the bottom of the boxes that says whether or not they have been made from recycled materials.

Lighten the load

This is not only a great way to make your move more environmentally friendly, but it can also make your move a lot easier. You may even be able to find a smaller moving truck, and purchase fewer moving supplies.

The best way to lighten the load is to go through each room and make a list of the things that you can live without. You may find that there are quite a few things that you have completely forgotten about that you no longer want or need. Donate them to charity, or have a yard sale and make some extra moving cash. No matter what you do with your stuff, the less that you have to move, the less of an impact that you will have on the environment.

Keep recycling in mind

Just about all of your moving supplies will be recyclable. Don’t just throw them away, recycle them to make your move a “green” move.

If you take these few tips into consideration when you are moving, then your move will have less of an impact on the environment.

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