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The Economy Is Forcing Some People To Move

by Rick on March 12, 2012

Jim just got notice that in order for him to keep his job with the company that he works for, he must relocate. This means that Jim has to move in order to keep his job. Jim has quite a bit of thinking to do. His boss said that he only has a few days to decide whether or not he will keep his job and move. It might sound sad, but this scenario is happening every single day. There are thousands of people out there that are forced to move if they want to keep their jobs. For some people the idea of being without a job is frightening. How would they pay for all of their things. They have a mortgage or rent to pay. They have car payments, and credit cards that have to be paid as well. They really only have one choice, they have to move, and that is what Jim decided to do.

Jim took that move very well. He did not look at it as in inconvenience. He thought of it as a new chapter to his life. Maybe the new city that he was moving to would open a few new doors in his life that would have otherwise remained closed. This is the right attitude to have when you are forced to move, and having the right attitude makes moving so much easier.

Jim also decided that he was going to handle the move himself. Renting a moving truck would be a lot cheaper than hiring a moving company, and it would also give him a little bit more freedom over his moving choices. He contacted several moving companies, but none of them were available when he was. His only option was to rent a moving truck. Once again, Jim had the right attitude. He did not let this bother him, but instead Jim saw this as an opportunity.

Jim decided that he was going to get rid of some of his stuff. He would sell off quite a few of his things that way he would only need a small moving truck. He printed out a flier, and started passing them out at work. He was selling his stuff cheap, and it did not take long to get rid of most of it. As a bonus, Jim now had enough extra money from selling his stuff to rent a moving truck. Part one of Jim’s moving plan was complete. It was time for Jim to put part two of his moving plan into action.

He was going to throw a huge moving party. He made more fliers and passed them out at work. The idea behind the party was to say goodbye to his friends, and to make sure that he had plenty of help loading the moving truck. He provided plenty of food and drinks, and before he knew it, all of his stuff was packed away in the moving truck. Jim was ready for his new life, in his new city, at his new place.

The Economy Is Forcing Some People To Move
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