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Don’t Drive With Snow And Ice On Your Moving Truck

by Rick on January 20, 2012

Snow and Ice are two things that everyone should avoid when you are driving a moving truck. There is nothing wrong with wanting to save some money by doing all of the grunt work of the move by yourself, but just make sure that you know what you are getting into.

Winter may be the cheapest time to move, and it may also be the easiest time to pick up a moving truck, but it can also be a very dangerous time to drive especially if you don’t have any experience driving a large truck that is packed to the hilt with furniture and everything else that you own. It will take a lot longer for your moving truck to stop, and snow and ice will just make things worse. The best thing to do, is to avoid the snow and the ice all together, but you may not have the choice.

Snow and ice are dangerous

Driving a moving truck in the Winter can be a challenge. Snow and ice love to build up all over the moving truck, and it can become very dangerous. It could come off of the truck while you are driving, and it could injure you or another vehicle that is on the road. You could also be fined! Some states have laws in place that prevent people from driving with snow or ice on your vehicle. If you are unlucky enough to be caught driving an icy moving truck, you can bet that you will be fined. These laws are also in place for anyone that drives a vehicle, not just moving trucks so it is a good idea to get into the routine of removing all of the ice and snow from your vehicles.

Where can you get fined for driving with snow or ice on your vehicle?

New Jersey – If you are driving a vehicle through any part of New Jersey, you had better make sure that there is no snow or ice on it because you could be fined as much as $1500.00.

Pennsylvania – The same goes for the state of Pennsylvania, the only difference is that the fine is a little less. You could be fined $1000.00 in Pennsylvania.

More states are following suit. New York and Connecticut are in the process of passing similar laws.

Each state has said that a portion of the fines will be used to create snow and ice removal stations where drivers would be able to pull in and have all of the ice and snow removed from their vehicles.

So if you plan on driving your moving truck through any of these states, and the moving truck has snow or ice build-up, you had better make sure to get it removed or you may be facing an added moving expense in the form of a steep fine! Get that ice off of your moving truck before you start driving. These laws are in place to make the road a safer place for everyone to drive.

Don’t Drive With Snow And Ice On Your Moving Truck
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